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John Semmens - KS2 RE Leader, Philosophy Advocate and Curriculum Writer

Welcome to Philosophy in KS2. This blog contains posts and links to plans for children in KS2 (ages 7-11). 

I am a Norwich based RE teacher specialising in Key Stage 2 Philosophy teaching. As a member of the Norfolk SACRE, sitting on committee B, I am an enthusiastic speaker on philosophy in schools. To support the subject's growth and wider understanding I have produced a training programme to give teachers a 'Crash Course'in Philosophy. 

My work also covers written plans to help teachers introduce philosophy to their classrooms. These can be accessed by attending one of the courses running this year. Please subscribe to this page for more details. 


If you need help convincing colleagues that Philosophy matters then please read my blog.  

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Writing with depth

Updated: May 16

This is a very quick blog about how I get my classes to plan for depth in their writing. I know this isn't philosophy and I don't claim these ideas as mine (I have a feeling they come from somewhere else but perhaps I'm just having a Platonic moment of recognition!)

It's like they're talking over a film

In my English classes over the years I have noticed that children tend to write in a certain way. I have noticed that children tend to describe the images in their heads as if you are both watching them together. It's like they're talking over a film that you are both watching, up there on the screen in front of you. Unfortunately of course, this isn't the case and I used to spend months convincing them that if it's not on paper I won't see it. This of course led to some ultra deta