The Philosophy Crash Course is back!

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

The Philosophy Crash Course is back and online! 26th November 3:30pm- 4:30pm. It'll be a whistle stop tour and will include some Q and A opportunities. Please join me on MS Teams (if your school doesn't have Teams it can be downloaded for free - just click the link).

It's finally here! I've teamed up with the Nebula Partnership to bring Norfolk teachers the 'Philosophy Crash Course'. On Thursday 26th November 2020 we will be holding the crash course, the first step in a series of courses about philosophy at Key stages 1 and 2. The content is challenging but the course will be a friendly run-through of the history of Western Philosophy for primary teachers. There will be plenty of activities for you think about and 15 fully scripted and resourced lesson plans to take away for use in your school. These lessons have been designed to introduce philosophy in a bite-sized way and help you bridge the gap from little or no philosophy to philosophical fluency in no time.

If you struggle to think in a philosophical way or simply don't know which direction to take your RE curriculum then please come along. We will discuss the 'Big Ideas' of KS1 RE and the get to grips with the detailed philosophical arguments required in KS2 RE.

If you looked at the support materials in for the syllabus you'll know how high Norfolk is aiming, this course will help you make that possible. The Norfolk Agreed Syllabus 2019 is a 'game-changer' and it's due to be changed by September 2020. If you're not ready yet then this course is the first step in the right direction.

If you are interested please contact for details.

15 Primary Philosophy Lesson Plans across KS1 and 2
A run-through of the history of Western Philosophy
An online delegate booklet containing lots of researched and useful material.
The first step towards looking through the philosophical lens found in the Norfolk Agreed Syllabus 2019

*please note that this article has been updated - the presentation will no longer be available to delegates due to intellectual property concerns.

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