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A discussion based enquiry looking at the difference between 'Knowing' and 'believing'. Part 1 covers magic tricks and the senses as a source of 'fact'. It asks whether scientists need a little belief in their line of work too. Introduces concepts such as dark matter. 


A template for planning writing discussed in this blog...

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New: After reflecting on my lessons in the Great Philosophers Unit I wanted to get a bit deeper into Plato's ideas about where knowledge comes from. This lesson has been planned as a response to the Plato lesson below. 

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The Great Philosophers Collection

These free downloads come with a PowerPoint Presentation, a Factsheet and Comprehension Question Sheet. All of these have been delivered via remotely to year 5 children and they work - I have had a great response. @Stevoedu has edited the presentations, factsheets and question sheets and these will be updated soon. For dual coding knowledge please click on his icon below.   

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