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John Semmens - KS2 RE Leader, Philosophy Advocate and Curriculum Writer

Welcome to Philosophy in KS2. This blog contains posts and links to plans for children in KS2 (ages 7-11). 

I am a Norwich based RE teacher specialising in Key Stage 2 Philosophy teaching. As a member of the Norfolk SACRE, sitting on committee B, I am an enthusiastic speaker on philosophy in schools. To support the subject's growth and wider understanding I have produced a training programme to give teachers a 'Crash Course'in Philosophy. 

My work also covers written plans to help teachers introduce philosophy to their classrooms. These can be accessed by attending one of the courses running this year. Please subscribe to this page for more details. 


If you need help convincing colleagues that Philosophy matters then please read my blog.  

Please follow me on Twitter @philosophyinKS2 for details of upcoming plans and events.


Ideas and where to keep them...

When discussing anything at school with a group of enthusiastic children you could be tempted to go off track. There you are discussing a subject like Salvation and a child comes out with something. It may be a question or an observation but it is absolute gold! Unfortunately, often we have too much to cover in too little time and those pieces of wisdom are lost by the wayside as you bring the class back to your learning intention.

In order to stop losing these little nuggets of genius I use a 'Class Safe'. Luckily my Teaching Assistant has a fine art degree and he made this for me about of some cardboard!