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John Semmens - KS2 RE Leader, Philosophy Advocate and Curriculum Writer

Welcome to Philosophy in KS2. This blog contains posts and links to plans for children in KS2 (ages 7-11). 

I am a Norwich based RE teacher specialising in Key Stage 2 Philosophy teaching. As a member of the Norfolk SACRE, sitting on committee B, I am an enthusiastic speaker on philosophy in schools. To support the subject's growth and wider understanding I have produced a training programme to give teachers a 'Crash Course'in Philosophy. 

My work also covers written plans to help teachers introduce philosophy to their classrooms. These can be accessed by attending one of the courses running this year. Please subscribe to this page for more details. 


If you need help convincing colleagues that Philosophy matters then please read my blog.  

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Philosophy? On a Friday Afternoon?

Friday Afternoon Philosophy: A snapshot from the classroom

Please note this blog was written during lockdown and is pre-social distancing rules.

Having taught in a junior school for some 11 years now I have always included philosophy in my lessons. It can be found everywhere; in literacy almost everything we discuss is influenced by Aristotle’s The Poetics. In PSHE the very nature of tolerance, discussions about democracy, sexuality and society are all philosophically influenced ideas.

In my planning and our school curriculum I have sought to bring together the work of philosophers and theologians in an easy to understand but, hopefully, not oversimplified way. My hope for children is that by becoming more consciously philosophical they will be ready to live in a world of uncertainty. By walking through ‘thought experiments’, with a teacher there, indicating wha