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John Semmens - KS2 RE Leader, Philosophy Advocate and Curriculum Writer

Welcome to Philosophy in KS2. This blog contains posts and links to plans for children in KS2 (ages 7-11). 

I am a Norwich based RE teacher specialising in Key Stage 2 Philosophy teaching. As a member of the Norfolk SACRE, sitting on committee B, I am an enthusiastic speaker on philosophy in schools. To support the subject's growth and wider understanding I have produced a training programme to give teachers a 'Crash Course'in Philosophy. 

My work also covers written plans to help teachers introduce philosophy to their classrooms. These can be accessed by attending one of the courses running this year. Please subscribe to this page for more details. 


If you need help convincing colleagues that Philosophy matters then please read my blog.  

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Philosophy at home.

We don't know when the lockdown will be lifted and we all hope that for the sake of safety it won't be lifted too soon. But, luckily, I don't need to make those decisions and we all know the names of the people are paid to do so - so we can leave that up to them!

Something we can control is what we are teaching our children at home. It's something that many parents will be struggling with. There are so many variables to consider. You may have one child and so they the sole focus of your parental labour. You may have two or more, being different ages and abilities and with different likes and dislikes. This means that the rather intensive teaching that you are doing at home needs to be more individual doesn't it?

Does it?

In schools individualised learning is all the rage but it can't be as individual as it sounds...teachers aren't planning 30 different lessons on the same subject to suit their class of diverse children. And so you don't have to either. Philosophy has a universal appeal and is about thinking (see Philosophy is About Thinking: